Aquaventure Waterpark Tickets

Opening hours

The water park is open every day. It opens every morning at 10am and closes at sunset. The last entry is one hour before sunset.

How to get there

The water park is part of the complex at Atlantis, The Palm, a hotel and entertainment complex located on The Palm Island. The island is the world’s largest man-made island in Dubai.

Car- Aquaventure Water Park is about 35 minutes driving time from Dubai International Airport. Palm Island is signposted with easy to follow directions.

Metro- the nearest metro stop is at the Mall of the Emirates, from there you will need to take a taxi to the water park.

Taxi- taking a taxi in Dubai is relatively cheap and the easiest way to get around, most of the drivers also have an understanding of English.


How much do the entry tickets cost?
There are several different priced tickets for different packages. The prices shown on the website claim to give you the best deal but many people have claimed they get a better deal buying at the attraction. The website is not easy to navigate your way through either. Tickets cost AED 364 through the website with no quote for child prices and up to AED 420 during peak season when buying at the ticket office. Outside of peak season tickets purchased at the ticket office cost AED 289 for those over 1.2 metres and AED 235 for those 1.1-1.2m in height.
I could not find adult and child tickets only for sizing of people, what does this mean?
The ticketing system rates everyone over 1.2 metres in height as an adult, no matter what their age. This gives access to all the rides. Anyone between 1.1 metres and 1.2 metres in height is on the next rating system and there are restrictions on some of the more challenging rides. On the website it states anyone aged 3 and younger has free entry, in reality it is anyone smaller than 1.1 metres in height.
Is it best to buy tickets online before your arrival in Dubai or once you are in the resort?
The management of the water park state that you should buy your tickets in advance as you can get better deals online than you will get buying your tickets on the day. Reviews written by people that have visited the water park overwhelmingly say to buy them at the gate and that the queues are not too long at any time of day.
Why are there height and weight restrictions on each ride and how are these restrictions explained?
Each attraction has a list of its standard rules for safety reasons. These are listed at the entrance to each ride. If the ride operator feels an individual is too short or not the correct weight they have the right to check before allowing them on the ride including scales for weighing.

Must Know

Are there any restrictions in place due to Ramadan?
The water park is open as usual during the period of Ramadan and inside the park there are no restrictions on people eating and not following Ramadan procedures.
Smoking at the water park
There are areas of the water park that are designated as smoking areas. Visitors are requested not to smoke outside of these zones as it could be an inconvenience to other people using the park.
Lockers for the storage of personal items
You have to rent a locker during your visit to the water park. There are small and large lockers available on a first come, first served basis. These lockers cost from AED 45 for the small locker and AED 75 for a large one.
Visitors staying at the Atlantis Hotel have free access to the water park. If I am only staying one night can I use the waterpark on the day of my stay and the next day
Any visitors to the Atlantis hotel have free access to the waterpark although the attractions that are available are dependent upon what package they purchased. You can use the waterpark on the day you check into the hotel in addition to the day you are checking out.
Access to the hotel for non-hotel guests
Non hotels guests are not permitted to walk around the hotel or even enter the hotel grounds from the water park. There are security guards in place checking everyone going towards the hotel and will not give access to anyone not in possession of a hotel pass key.
Water temperature in the water park
The water is temperature controlled at all times at a constant 23-26C.
Cost of using a life jacket
The use of life jackets is free and they are available at several locations within the water park. The use of life jackets is encouraged among children or for any weaker swimmers. When small children are in the water they should never be outside the reach of the adult that is supervising them.
Cost of using sunbeds and towel hire
Sunbeds are available, free of charge and towel hire costs AED 45.

Places Nearby

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Bastakia Quarter is also known as Al-Fahidi neighbourhood and was built during the late 19th century as the homes for wealthy merchants from Persia. These merchants dealt mostly in pearls and textiles, they arrived here because of the tax free trading as well as the access to Dubai Creek. Bastakia occupies the eastern area of Bur Dubai and the buildings of coral and limestone often have wind-towers that provided an early form of air-conditioning. The area is lined with Arabian architecture together with the narrow lanes it is a reminder of a bygone age when the pace in Dubai was much slower. The area is also home to the Majis Gallery and the Al Serkal Cultural Foundation.
Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House
This house belonged to Dubai’s ruler from 1921 until 1958, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum was the grandfather of Dubai’s current ruler. The former residence has been restored as a museum it is a fine example of Arabian architecture. The house was originally built in 1896 by Sheikh Saeed’s father. He built the house for the purpose of watching the shipping from the balcony. The current building is an exact replica of the original one. There are thirty rooms built around a central courtyard with wind-towers on the top.
Deira is a famous Souk or market and lies on the northern bank of Dubai Creek. The winding streets hide a melting pot of civilizations that now call Dubai their home. On the shore of the creek ancient dhows load and unload their cargos surrounded by modern life of banks, hotels and offices. The souk is the world’s largest gold bazaar, is home to every spice imaginable and the fish market provides an essential product for many local residents.