ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo Tickets

Opening hours

The zoo is open daily from 9am until 6pm from March until October. From November until February it is open from 9am until 5pm. On Saturdays during the summer months of June, July and August it closes at sunset. The zoo is open every day of the year with no mention of a time for last entries.

How to get there

Walk- the zoo is easily within reach of central Amsterdam by walking. You should walk along Waterlooplein and then eastwards along Plantage Middenlaan.

Tram- From the centre of Amsterdam take the number 14 tram to the Artis stop. Tram 9 goes direct to the Artis stop from Amsterdam Central Station.

Metro- use metro lines 51, 53 or 54 to the Waterlooplein station.

Bicycle- Amsterdam is a very cycle friendly city with ample bike sharing schemes and secure cycle parking to be found across the city, including at the zoo.


How much does it cost to visit the zoo?
Tickets cost €24 for adults and children aged 10+. Admission for children aged from 3-9 is €20.50 and free for all those aged younger than 3. A combination ticket for the zoo and Micropia cost €30.50 for adults and €26.50 for children aged from 3-9.
What is the cheapest way to buy a ticket?
Online, if you buy your tickets online there is a reduction of €2 per ticket. Your ticket is then valid for one year from the date of purchase. You just need to print your ticket or keep the barcode on your phone and present it when you arrive at the zoo.
What is included in the price of the ticket?
In addition to gaining entry to the zoo, you also have entry included into the aquarium and the planetarium. However each of these attractions must be visited on the same day or additional tickets must be bought.
Is re-entry permitted during the same day?
You can leave and re-enter during the same day. Your ticket is valid for the entire day of your visit.
How long should you allow when visiting the zoo?
You should expect to take at least 2 hours, more depending on how interested you are in seeing each of the animals. If you have small children your visit could easily take all day.
Can I park at the zoo and what is the charge for parking?
The zoo has its own car park which is located just 150 metres from the main entrance to the zoo. There are some disabled parking spaces available. The car park is open from 8.30am until 11.30pm every day and the cost is €9, tickets for parking are available from the ticket booth and machines located at the entrance to the car park.
Does the zoo have access to Wi-Fi?
The complete area of the zoo is not covered, although in the cafeteria and restaurant areas Wi-Fi coverage is available.

Must Know

The oldest zoo in the Netherlands
The Artis Zoo was founded in 1838, which makes it the Netherlands oldest zoo. In the zoo you will find more than 900 species of animals as well as over 250 varieties of trees including the oldest monumental tree in Amsterdam, the Heimans Oak that has stood since at least 1750. Within the beautifully landscaped gardens are some of the city’s listed buildings including the Aquarium that was built in 1882!
Facilities and Language
The facilities at the zoo are considered to be excellent and all the signage including information boards at the animal enclosures are written in English among other languages.
Highlights of the zoo
Lemur land is a popular attraction as these cheeky animals can be seen stretching out in the sun. Feeding time at the sea lion enclosure always draws a large crowd of onlookers at 11.30am and 15.45pm. On the Savannah you can see animals such as giraffes, zebras, springboks, ostriches and gnus as they graze with a background of the Entrepotdok canal. In the gorilla house you can witness the antics of a family unit of gorillas.
Planetarium, Insectarium and Aquarium
In the planetarium you can witness the visual exhibition of stars and outer space. The insectarium houses a large collection of several varieties of creepy crawlies while in the aquarium there is an assortment of tropical fish.
Not an ordinary kitchen, take a look through the kitchen windows to view the meals being prepared for the residents of the zoo. The kitchen, known as the Pheasantry is where the staff at Artis Zoo prepares all the meals for the animals.
Good for the kids
Artis is an excellent location for kids to learn while they roam and enjoy being close to so many animals. It can get very busy, particularly during the school holidays. Close to the zoo entrance there is a small petting zoo. Other popular attractions for children include playgrounds where they can run off any excess energy.
This public space adjoining the zoo is open daily from 7am until 11.30pm. The attractions include a flamingo pond and aviary.

Places Nearby

Oude Kerk
The Oude Kerk is classed as the oldest building in Amsterdam and the city’s oldest parish church. It was founded in 1213 and later consecrated by the bishop of Utrecht in 1306. The patron saint of the church is Saint Nicolas. It became a Calvinist church after the Reformation of 1578 and remains of that faith today. The Oude Kerk is located in the district of De Wallen, famed for the city’s main red light district and the square surrounding the church is known as the Oudekerksplein.
Dam Square
Dam Square is one of the major tourist areas of Amsterdam with its most prominent feature being the Royal Palace, also known as the Koninkijk Palace it has stood on this site since the 17th century. Today, the former home of the Dutch Royal Family is primarily used for functions involving royalty. Dam Square has several tourist attractions including the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church), the National Memorial which is dedicated to soldiers from the Netherlands that lost their lives during WW2 as well as the attraction of Madame Tussauds wax museum. Another attraction of the huge square is its array of cafes and shops, in addition to the street performers offering their own form of entertainment.
National Monument
The National Monument is a 22 metre high obelisk erected as a memorial to Dutch victims of WW2. It is decorated with sculptures that symbolize War, Peace and Resistance. Within the obelisk are urns embedded with earth from each of the 11 Dutch provinces as well as earth from the cemetery of honour in Indonesia. Every year, on the national day of remembrance (May 4th), wreaths are laid and a two minute silence is observed.