Benalmádena Tours

Opening hours

Tours of Benalmadena are available from walking tours of the main attractions to hop-on hop-off bus tours and even tours by tuk tuk. These tours are generally available during daylight hours of 9am until 6pm and are more readily available during the busier summer season.

How to get there

Benalmadena is located along the Costa Del Sol, between the towns of Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

Plane- Benalmadena is located just 19 kilometres from Malaga Airport. Flights from several UK airports  operate to here daily with seasonal additions during the summer.

Bus and train- local public transport connects the town with all the major resorts in the area as well as some locations further inland.

Car- driving in Spain is relatively easy with good quality roads. Road quality can be poorer in the countryside away from the major routes.


What are the main tourism areas in Benalmadena?
As far as tourism goes, Benalmadena has three main areas. These are Benalmadena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmadena Costa.
What is the transportation like in areas such as Benalmadena Pueblo?
In Benalmadena Pueblo (the Old Town) there are regular local Portillo buses with connections to Mijas, Torremolinos and Benalmadena Costa.
What is there to see in Benalmadena Pueblo?
The town has the appearance of being a sleepy white Andalusian village yet is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the Malaga region. It is located 280 metres above sea level and is a maze of narrow cobbled streets. Visitors go here for the stunning views across the local area, the architecture and local crafts.
What local transportation is there at Arroyo de la Miel?
Arroyo de la Miel is served by a Renfe train station located at Avenida de la Estacion and has regular services to Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Malaga city centre and its airport. Local buses operated by Portillo connect the town with Mijas, Benalmadena Pueblo, Benalmadena Costa and Torremolinos.
What is there for tourists to see in Arroyo de la Miel?
This picturesque town is located between the coast of Benalmadena Costa and the mountains above Benalmadena Pueblo. The town is a lively location of winding streets and pretty plazas. It is also the location where several British ex-pats now call home. There are numerous bars and restaurants here offering anything from traditional Andalusian tapas to avant garde cuisine and tastes of home if you are missing your favourite British food. One of the highlights here for visitors is the 18th century Portal de San Carlos. It bears the coat of arms of the founder of the town, Felix Solesio.
What tourist attractions are there in Benalmadena Costa
As its name might suggest Benalmadena Costa overlooks the sea and its highlights include the beautiful gardens of La Paloma Park. The park is a 200,000 square metre expanse with a central lake, home to several species of bird. You can watch the Summer Music, Theatre and Dance Festival at the Auditorium located in the park held during the second half of July. There are several small bars where you can rest and enjoy the local atmosphere, all this before you even get to the beach.

Must Know

Hop on hop-off bus tours in Benalmadena
These tours include 11 stops at various locations around the town. The tours are available in 9 languages and cost from €13. The tour itself recommends stopping off at stop 5 at Selwo Marina, described as a small marine park which is teeming with natural life. Stop 7 is at Playa Arroyo de la Miel. This literally translates as the ‘stream of honey beach’, at one time honey was the areas main source of income. Now it thrives through income generated by tourism in its craft shops, restaurants and bars. Stop 8 is located at the entrance to Tivoli World, an amusement park as well as the cable car that carries visitors up to Mount Carramolo.
Tours by Tuk Tuk
These tours can be arranged to suit your needs and take you to the places you want to visit in a clean energy electrically driven vehicle. Typical tours last about one hour but can be arranged to last as long or little time as you require.
Walking tours
There are a number of walking tours to the various areas of Benalmadena taking in the sights of each district. These tours vary in length from 2 hours to half a day up to a full day if you have the energy to last that long. A more lively tour in the evening is an organised bar tour, as you are guided from one bar to the next.
Historical and interesting places in Benalmadena
Away from its beaches, Benalmadena has lots to offer its visitors. Benalmadena has some very interesting attractions such as Colomares Castle or the 33 metre high Buddhist Benalmadena Stupa, the largest Buddhist Stupa to be found in Europe. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was an area of rapid development during the period of Muslim domination in this part of Spain. The church of Santo Domingo de Guzman was built in the 17th century and is the oldest church the town of Benalmadina. These are four very different historical attractions representing different religions that have helped to develop the area.

Places Nearby

Colomares Castle
Known locally as Castillo de Colomares, this attraction is not really a castle, more a monument to Christopher Columbus. It was built between 1987 and 1994 as a suitable way to honour the man that first discovered the Americas. The fairy tale castle combines architectural styles such as Byzantine, Romanesque, Gothic and Mudejar. All styles of architecture that is significant in Spanish culture. Covering 1,500 square metres it is the world’s largest monument to Columbus, it features elements relating to his explorations and three carved statues of his ships that made the crossing of the Atlantic to the Americas.
The Beaches of Benalmadena
This beach is listed as Playa Attoyo Hondo, Playa Malibu and Playa Bonita, it is basically three beaches divided into three small sections. This beach is located between the beaches of Playa La Viborilla and Playa Torremuelle. The beach is protected from large waves by breakwaters leaving a safe beach for families with its calm water. It is a popular beach for locals especially at the weekends. The beach is 610m long and just 15-20m wide. It is not easily accessible for wheelchair users with limited access over a rocky surface.
Museums in Malaga
Malaga is a city of fine museums, from the Malaga Museum opened in 2016 to some more historic such as the Picasso Museum or the house where he was born. Another museum, the Museo Carmen Thyssen focuses on the art of Andalucia. You can also visit the Wine Museum, the Automobile Museum or the Glass and Crystal Museum. There really is a museum for all tastes here.