Bioparc Fuengirola Tickets

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Opening hours

The Bioparc Fuengirola opens at 10am every day with seasonal closing times. The closing time in winter is 6pm, during autumn and spring it closes at 7pm on weekdays and 8pm at weekends. During July and August this attraction is open until 11pm.

It is open 365 days of the year and the last entry is one hour before the closing time.

How to get there

Train and bus- the zoo is located on Camilo Jose Cela in Fuengirola, it is about a ten minute walk from both the train station and bus station.

Taxi- if sharing a taxi this might be an economical option and you can be driven to the entrance.

Car- there is no parking available at the zoo, although there is a large car park nearby in the Plaza de Espana which offers a discount on your parking charges when you show your bioparc entrance ticket.


How much does it cost to visit the bioparc?
If you buy the tickets online they cost €19.90 for adults, €13.90 for children (aged from 3-9) with children aged younger than 3 having free entry. Tickets for seniors (65+) cost €14.90 and visitors with a disability must pay €11.50 online. The charges at the gate are slightly higher with tickets for adults costing €20.50 and children €15.50.
Can you take food in with you?
Officially no, but there are no bag checks and nobody is directly asking if you have food in your bags. The reason for this restriction might be that strong aromas of food may affect the animals as well as the risks to the animal’s health from people feeding unauthorized food to the animals.
What places are there to eat inside the bioparc?
There is a restaurant inside the bioparc, it is a little expensive but the food is very good. There are areas with vending machines that sell snacks, burgers, cold drinks etc. There are cheaper options close to the zoo if you eat before or after your visit.
Are dogs allowed into this attraction if they are kept on a lead?
No, there are no pets allowed into this attraction.
How accessible is the bioparc for disabled visitors in wheelchairs?
The grounds of the bioparc are fully accessible with a few slopes that are easily negotiated by wheelchairs and mobility scooters. At the entrance there are a few steps but if you ask a separate step-free entrance can be opened for wheelchair users.
Is the bioparc open on Christmas Day? If so what are the opening times?
The bioparc is open every day at 10am. Over the Christmas and New Year period the bioparc closes at 6pm each day with the last entry permitted at 5pm.
How much of the zoo is under cover and should we visit on a rainy day?
The majority of the zoo is not covered and is fully open to the weather. A day when the weather is a little wet is still ok although on any day you might want to bring some bug spray to avoid any unwanted bites.

Must Know

A new model of zoo
The Bioparc Fuengirola is a new type of zoo, a new model that is based on respecting nature and preserving natural species of animals. This model has already been hailed as the flagship of how zoos throughout Europe should develop.
Animals living in their natural habitat
At this zoo the animals live side-by-side with other animals in conditions that recreate the natural habitat to increase each animal’s development and possibility of its being released one day into the wild. When visiting here, visitors step into a world of dense tropical woodland or open grassland.
Ethical reasons for keeping animals in captivity
The owners of the bioparc feel that in today’s world there is no ethical sense in keeping animals in captivity unless in doing so it helps the preservation of that species within the natural world. The bioparc is different from other zoos in that it immerses its visitors into the natural world of its animals. The zoo is intended to be a stroll through each environment so that visitors can visualize each species in its natural habitat in a space provided for the upkeep and wellbeing for each animal.
Habitats recreated in a foreign land
Within the bioparc the habitats recreated are that of Africa, Asia and Madagascar, environments very foreign to that of southern Spain. The themed designs include embankments, waterfalls, rocks and tree trunks. There are even realistic trees imported into the bioparc. There is one of the world’s largest artificial trees, the 25m high baobab tree that has now become a symbol of Fuengirola.
Emblematic species
Before the bioparc first opened in 2001, the intention was to house animal species that were endangered in the wild. A selective plan was introduced with a total of 130 species selected that now holds 1400 individuals in residence at the zoo. One of the success stories has been the Sumatra Tiger. It is regarded as being critically endangered with just 250 remaining in the wild, the introduction of a breeding programme at the bioparc has seen the successful breeding of new cubs of this species. Other successes include the first successful breeding of a Malayan False Gavial in captivity as well as the Blue Duiker, the bioparc has the only group of breeding gorillas in Spain.

Places Nearby

Crocodile Park
The Crocodile Park in Torremolinos is the only one of its kind in Europe. There are more than 200 crocodiles at the park, from babies up to adults with the largest creatures weighing in at around 500kg. One of the parks inhabitants is known as Gran Paco or Big Daddy. This individual is the largest crocodile to be found in Europe, at five metres in length and weighing in at over 500kg. Feeding time is quite an active attraction and the parks nursery section is busy due to the successful breeding programme. Females can lay between 30 and 50 eggs each year, visitors can even be photographed holding a baby crocodile if they want to. There is a mini zoo that is popular with small children, the animals include emus, tortoises, peacocks and ducks.
El Ranchito
This attraction first opened as a riding school in the 1960s and now hosts a spectacular horse show. It is said to be the top Andalucian horse show on the Costa Del Sol. In the 1990s the ranch began a family horse show with animals trained by the owner Jose Gonzalez. The show is now performed every Wednesday evening and sees some of the best Andalucian riders. The show is in six sections and lasts for about 90 minutes.
Benalmadena Cable Car
This cable car opened in 2003 and quickly became one of the favoured tourist attractions on the Costa Del Sol. The telecabin takes 15 minutes to take you to the highest point along the coast near to Malaga. From the vantage point you have views as far as Gibraltar and the coast of Africa on a clear day. You can take the cable car back down or walk down along the path. If you are feeling more energetic you can take a bicycle with you and cycle back down.