Icebar Amsterdam Tickets

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Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday 11.45am – 1am

Friday and Saturday 11.45am – 2.40am

27th of April (King’s Day) 12pm (noon) - 10pm

24th and 25th of December 12pm (noon) – 1am

31st of December 12pm (noon) – 10pm

1st of January 12pm (noon) – 1am

The last admission is allowed entry one hour before the closing time.

How to get there

The Icebar is located at Amstel 194-196, 1017 AG Amsterdam

Bus- city sightseeing bus at stop number 5 and then it is a 5 minute walk to the Icebar.

Boat- take the Green Line boat to stop 5 and then it is a 5 minute walk to the Icebar.

Tram- take tram number 4 or 9 to Rembrandtplein and then the Icebar is just a 3 minute walk from this point.

Metro- lines 51, 53 and 54 stop at Waterlooplein Station. The Icebar is then just 3 minutes walking time from here.


How much are tickets to the Icebar?
Tickets cost €23.95, although if you buy online you can usually get tickets at the reduced price of €20.50. This venue is for adults only (18+ only admitted).
What do I get for the admission price and what is so special about this bar?
The price of admission includes 3 tokens which you can then exchange for drinks. One drink in the front heated bar and two drinks in the actual ice bar. Everything about this place is made entirely of ice, it is a unique experience for you to enjoy when visiting the city. Even your glass is made of ice.
Can I just walk into the Icebar without a ticket?
You are advised to book in advance online as tickets sell very quickly and space is limited inside the Icebar. You can buy tickets through the website at . Without a reservation your admission may be denied. You should arrive at the Icebar at least 20 minutes before your reserved time and check-in. Valid ID may be required before entry is permitted, the management of the Icebar can refuse entry if any visitors are intoxicated, underage or unable to prove their age.
How long can I stay inside?
In the actual Icebar you are restricted to just 20 minutes, you really do not want to be in there any longer than that! In the heated lounge bar you can stay as long as you like.
On what day’s is the Icebar closed?
The Icebar closes for a few days usually in January or February to enable the refurbishment of the bars ice interior. The exact details of when the bar is closed will be published on the official website.
Is there a dress code? Do I have to bring warm clothes?
There is no dress code as long as you are decently and appropriately dressed. You will be provided with a suitable coat and gloves before you enter the Icebar itself, you wear this coat over your regular clothes. You are advised not to wear shorts, skirts, dresses or open shoes as it is very cold inside the Icebar itself.

Must Know

Drinks in the front lounge bar
The lounge bar is the first bar you will enter once you have arrived at the Icebar Amsterdam. When you are here you can exchange your golden token for a large glass of Heineken beer, a glass of wine, a cocktail, a hot drink or a soft drink, whatever you prefer. While you are in this bar you can also purchase additional drinks.
Drinking inside the actual ice bar
After your visit to the lounge bar, at the allotted time you will be given a coat and gloves to help keep you warm inside the -10C ice bar. Once you are inside the ice bar you can exchange your two silver tokens for a Heineken beer, a strong alcoholic drink or an orange juice. The glass will be made entirely of ice.
Taking photos inside the Icebar
You are encouraged to take pictures and you can tag the icebar when you share your pictures. Professional photos are taken while you are inside and these are available to buy before you leave at the price of €7.50.
Wheelchair access
There is good accessibility for wheelchairs through the main door with level access and no steps or ramp. To enter the actual icebar there is a step of 5cm to be negotiated. It is not a problem as the wheelchair can easily be lifted over this step. Entry into the actual ice bar is not possible for electrically operated wheelchairs.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the premises. If you need to have a cigarette during your visit you can go outside. You will be permitted back inside provided you have retained your ticket.
You can bring your baggage with you, we do not have any lockers available and you should keep your belongings with you at all times.
Extra drinks inside the bar
You are welcome to purchase extra drinks inside the heated lounge bar, it is however not possible to buy additional drinks inside the actual Icebar.

Places Nearby

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Amsterdam’s windmills
It may be a surprise that there were once more than 10,000 windmills in the Nethlands, now there are about 1,000 still standing, there are actually 8 windmills located in Amsterdam, there is even a National Windmill Day on the 11th of May. On festive days some windmill are decorated in flowers, garlands or angels. A good way to visit these windmills in the city is on a bicycle tour.
Magere Brug
There are a reported 1280 bridges located in Amsterdam and one of the city’s most famous bridges is Magere Brug. Meaning the ‘Skinny Bridge’ in English it is a traditional double-leaf Dutch draw-bridge. that crosses the River Amstel. The bridge opens about every 20 minutes to allow boats through. The original bridge was built in 1670 but as the traffic on the river increased a wider, newer bridge was built to replace the original, narrow bridge.