Moulin Rouge Tickets

The Moulin Rouge in Paris is one of the most famous theatres in the world. A byword for glitz and glamour, the Moulin Rouge puts on nightly shows that offer a spectacular modern twist on the traditional can-can cabaret.

Opening hours

Monday-Sunday 6:45 pm - 1:00 am

There are two shows every night. The first starts at 9:00 pm and second at 11:00 pm. There is the option of including dinner with the first show, for which you will need to arrive at 7:00.

How to get there

Perleberger Str. 45, 10559 Berlin

Paris is famed for its excellent Metro rail system, and this is perhaps the best way to reach the Moulin Rouge. The nearest station to the theatre is Blanche, which is on Line 2. From there take the Boulevard de Clichy. The Place de Clichy stop is another option. Just a five minute stroll from the Moulin Rouge, this station is on both Line 2 and Line 13. Do bear in mind, however, that unlike some cities, Paris


Should I Book Tickets?
You are strongly advised to book tickets well ahead of your visit, especially if you have a particular time or day in mind. As you can imagine, the Moulin Rouge is a major attraction for visitors from all over the world and it can be difficult to get a ticket at short notice – especially during the holiday season and at weekends.
Is There A Dress Code?
The French are a pretty stylish bunch, and the Parisians even more so, so it should come as no surprise that somewhere as frou-frou as the Moulin Rouge is has a generally observed dress code. Sportswear and trainers are definite no-nos, as are shorts. They may be comfortable to wear during the steamy Parisian afternoons, but you
What Exactly Is The Dinner Show?
The Moulin Rouge puts on two shows every night – one at 9:00 pm and one at 11:00 pm. With the first show comes the option to enjoy a dinner beforehand. The dinner seating starts at 6:45 and dinner is served at 8:00 pm. Obviously this is a pricier option, but on top of a fine meal, dinner show guests are also given preferential seating before the crowds arrive for the main show, which means you can relax after your meal and not worry about finding your seat before the show starts. There is no dinner option with the 11:00 pm show.
Is there Anything Else I Should Know?
It may have a rather


The Moulin Rouge: A Brief History
The Moulin Rouge (The Red Windmill) opened in 1889 – the same year the Eiffel Tower was completed. This was the age of the Belle Époque (Beautiful Era), a period of optimism, artistic innovation, technological wonder and personal freedom. All this led to the Moulin Rouge, a cabaret where local workers, artist, high-fliers and famous faces could all come together in a fashionable setting and enjoy champagne, exchange ideas and take in the new dance craze – the can-can, which was originally performed by both men and women.
The Moulin Rouge: A Brief History

The Moulin Rouge: A Brief History! aboikis /

Famous Concerts And Performers
The Moulin Rouge has seen many memorable performances through the years. One of the most notorious was by Le Pétomane, a French flatulist! Péto means
Moulin Rouge, Mate!
Not that it exactly needed it, but the theatre got some extra publicity in 2001 with the release of Baz Luhrmann

Places nearby

The Moulin Rouge lies at the foot of Montmartre, the hill that overlooks Paris. It


Montmartre Cemetery
Also only a short walk from the Moulin Rouge (but this time not so steep) is the famous Montmartre Cemetery. This grand and eerily beautiful cemetery makes for a fascinating stroll. Notable figures buried here include Irish playwright Oscar Wilde, rock icon Jim Morrison and Polish composer Frederic Chopin.
Montmartre Cemetery

Montmartre Cemetery. Lucian Milasan /

Musée d
Located in the nearby Halle Saint-Pierre is a wonderful museum of outsider, folk and