Plitvice Lakes National Park Tickets

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Opening hours

Winter- from the last Sunday in October until the last Saturday in March 8am-4pm, entering the park and purchasing tickets

Spring- from the last Sunday in March until the 31st of May 8am- 7pm, entering the park and purchasing tickets

Summer- from the 1st of June until the 20th of August 7am-8pm, entering the park and purchasing tickets

Autumn- from the 21st of August until the 30th of September 7am- 7pm, entering the park and purchasing tickets and from the 1st of October until the last Saturday in October 8am-6pm, entering the park and purchasing tickets

Exchanging vouchers for tickets closes 2 hours before the scheduled closing time.

The park is open every day of the year.

How to get there

Car- the Park can be reached by the state roads D429 from the direction of Zagreb/Zadar, D52 from the direction of Otocec and the D42 from Ogulin. Visitor parking is provided at entrances 1 and 2 on state road D429 which passes through the eastern edge of the park.

Bus- the bus stops in the vicinity of the entrances. The bus services use the D429 that connects the Croatian coast with its interior. The entrances are about 3km apart so you should plan in advance which entrance you require.


How can I pay for my ticket?
If you are paying in cash, the only currency accepted is Croatian Kuna. All types of credit cards are accepted (Visa, Maestro, Diners, Amex, etc).
Is it possible to book and/or purchase my tickets in advance of my arrival?
Sorry, it is not possible to book or purchase your tickets in advance. Tickets can only be purchased at the time of your arrival at Entrance 1, Entrance 2 or the Flora auxiliary entrance.
Can I purchase my ticket online?
Sorry, at this time there is no system in operation to allow this service.
Is the panorama train and electric boat rides included in the price of my ticket?
Yes, both of these rides are included in the cost of your ticket.
Is there somewhere that I can leave my luggage and what is the cost of storing personal items?
You can store your items of luggage free of charge in the storage area provided at each entrance. For information on this service ask at the entrance upon your arrival.
Can I bring my pets into the park?
Pets are permitted to enter the park but they must be kept on a leash at all times so as not to disturb other park users.
Should I book a spot in advance for my tent or RV/caravan?
It is not necessary to book a spot in advance, there is always enough free spaces available.
Can I rent a tent or other camping equipment?
Unfortunately this facility is not available at the national park. You must bring all the camping equipment you require with you.
Is there any organised transportation available to and from the camp sites?
Yes, there is bus transportation to and from the National Park entrance to the Korana and Borje campsites. For information on the bus timetables you should check at the camps reception office.
How far from the entrance is the bus stop?
There are bus stops adjacent to Entrances 1 and 2. The two entrances are located close to the state road and the stops are clearly marked on both sides of the road. One direction goes to Zagreb, the other to Zadar.

Must Know

The size of the park
The Plitvice National Park covers an area of just under 300 square kilometres. It mostly consists of forests with smaller areas of grassland. The lakes from which the area is named cover less than 1% of the park’s total area.
The numerous lakes in the park
There are a total of 16 named lakes and several smaller unnamed lakes. The water from these lakes cascades from one into the next. The lakes are divided into the Upper and Lower Lakes with 12 named lakes in the upper section.
Waterfalls and deep canyons
In the Lower Lakes, the permeable limestone has created deep canyons with steep sided cliffs. At the end of the impressive link of lakes you will find the Sastavci Waterfalls. From here the Korana River takes the water onwards towards the sea.
Follow the marked trails
Visitors to the National Park have seven different routes to follow when touring the lakes, in addition to four hiking trails. All users of these routes are requested to follow the instructions posted and keep to the trails.
Prohibited in the park
There are several guidelines that must be followed including no taking or collecting of any plant materials as souvenirs of your visit. You are not permitted to feed any animals you may discover within the park while swimming in any of the lakes is strictly forbidden and dispose of any litter in the litter bins provided throughout the park.
For your personal protection
When walking or hiking throughout the park you should always wear the appropriate footwear and clothing. You should apply sunscreen and rain protection when required. Depending upon the season the weather can be very changeable and you may need an umbrella, raincoat, sunglasses and hat. It is always advisable to check the projected weather forecast for the duration of your visit. Be sure to check the information available about the length of any routes you plan to walk along and the estimated time taken to complete each trail.

Places Nearby

Barac Caves
A tour of the Barac Caves in Rakovica takes you into a different world below ground level where you can discover breath-taking stalactites and learn from your guide how the cave was slowly formed over thousands of years. The hour long tour is conducted along an illuminated path, so there is no fear of venturing into the dark and unknown on this tour.
The Miners Village of Rastoke
Located close to the Barac Caves is the miner’s village of Rastoke. Here you can discover the watermill and take a tour of the village before walking along the Slunjcica River and its waterfalls. The tour includes a break for coffee alongside the river.
The Castle of Ozalj (Karlovac)
The Castle of Ozalj in Karlovac is worth your time in visiting if you are in the area around the region of Karlovac. You can easily spend 2 or 3 hours here discovering this gem of a castle. It dates from 1244 and has plenty to see and explore, furthermore it is free to enter. There is a museum at the castle that charges an entrance fee if you wish to learn more about this attraction.
Karlovac City Museum
If you visit this museum on a weekday then there is a good chance you will have the museum to yourself, it is a busier attraction at the weekend. All the information with the displays is written in the Croatian language although there are accompanying guides in several languages so it is easy to follow the information provided on the history of the Kupa Valley from its earliest times up to the present day.