Royal Yacht Britannia Tickets

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Opening hours

The Royal Yacht is open daily from 9.30am until 4.30 pm from April until October and from 10am until 3.30pm from November until March. The time of the last admission is 4.30 pm during the summer schedule and 3.30pm during the winter.

On the 24th of December the last admission is at 2.30pm and at 3pm on the 31st of December. This attraction is closed on the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

How to get there

Car- follow signs towards Leith or North Edinburgh then the brown coloured Britannia Signs. There is free parking at the Ocean Terminal car park and the visitor centre is on level E.

Bus- Lothian Bus services from Edinburgh city centre include routes 11, 22 and 35. Majestic Tour buses depart from Waverley Bridge and offer you 10% off the admission price.

Bicycle- cycle along the vehicle free Water of Leith and leave your bike in the cycle racks located outside Ocean Terminal.

Train- the nearest Station is Waverley in the city centre, and then take a bus as listed above.


How much do tickets to visit the Royal Yacht cost?
Adult tickets cost £16.50, tickets for senior citizens aged 60+ are £14.50 and child tickets (aged 5-17) are £8.75. Children aged younger than five have free entry. A family ticket for 2 adults and 3 children costs £46.
What is the latest I can buy my tickets online?
You can buy your tickets online up until 4pm the day prior to your visit. On the day of your visit, online sales are not possible and should be bought at the visitor centre when you arrive at the attraction.
Can you complete the tour in any order or is there a set route?
The tour is self-guided; you are given an audio guide and are free to discover whatever you like across the five decks of the ship at your own pace. The audio guides are available in 30 different languages.
Is the military discount only for serving members of the forces or does it also include family members?
The armed forces discount is only for members of the armed forces and its veterans, a valid ID is required. This deal is not extended to family members.
Approximately how long does it take to complete a tour of the Royal Yacht?
The recommended time is about 2 hours, longer if you plan to visit the tea room on the Royal Deck. The length of the tour is purely down to each visitor or group of visitors as you tour at your own pace.
Can I take photos inside the Royal Yacht?
You can take as many pictures as you like, the staff encourage visitors to take pictures and if you need any help they are happy to take pictures for you.
What are the highlights of the tour, things not to be missed?
The tour is laid out in such a way that it is difficult to miss anything at this attraction and you go from point to point. Some of the most memorable things are the memorabilia, the pristine condition of the engine room and the cramped conditions in the crew quarters.

Must Know

Clocks are all stopped at 3.01pm
As you tour the Royal Yacht you may notice all the clocks read 3.01pm. This is the exact time that HM The Queen was piped ashore for the final time during the decommissioning ceremony held on board.
Follow in the steps of Royalty
Once you step on board the Royal Yacht you are stepping where royalty and famous world celebrities have walked before you. You can visit the State Apartments and see where Princes William and Harry spent their summer holidays during childhood. You can discover where kings and queens, world leaders and celebrities such as Liz Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nelson Mandela and Sir Winston Churchill have dined.
A Floating Palace
The Royal Yacht Britannia was launched in 1953 and served the Royal Family for 44 years. During that time the ship sailed more than one million nautical miles, becoming one of the world’s most famous ships. It was a perfect royal residence and used for state visits, official receptions, royal honeymoons and holidays for the royal family. At any time 220 crew members served on board what is today a five-star attraction in Edinburgh.
Timeline of the Royal Yacht
Britannia was the first of the Royal Yacht’s to have been built with the capacity to sail the world’s oceans and entertain around the world. The history of royal yachts for British royalty goes back to 1660 and King Charles II. The predecessor to Britannia was the Victoria and Albert III, that ship was the first royal yacht not to be sail powered. It was built for Queen Victoria although she never stepped on board the vessel as she was concerned about the stability of the ship. King Edward VII did sail on the ship, in local waters and into the Mediterranean Sea. This ship was decommissioned in 1939 and broken up for scrap in 1954. The order to begin building the Royal Yacht Britannia was given in 1952, just two days before King George VI passed away. Once it was launched the ship was also used as a non-combatant hospital ship in times of conflict in addition to calling at over 600 ports in 135 countries around the world.

Places Nearby

Edinburgh’s Old Town
The oldest neighbourhood of the city of Edinburgh dates back to the medieval era. These tiny streets are lined with a variety of small businesses from wool shops to pubs, craft shops to restaurants and several historical monuments. The Royal Mile is the name given to the High Street running from Edinburgh Castle through to Holyrood Palace. Off of this street are numerous old closes which are like stepping back in time. It is a wonderful experience to walk here both in the daytime and when illuminated during the evening.
Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s Seat is one of four ancient hill forts that date from over 2000 years ago. The crag is situated within Holyrood Park and in addition to its cultural heritage it is great for walking, viewing wildlife, volcanic geology and views across the city when you reach the top. There are several Sites of Special Scientific Interest and there is a range of grassland habitats as well as being internationally important for its volcanic geology. It is easily accessed from the city centre and the most interesting route is the Radical Road. This is a track of stones that takes you close to the Salisbury Crags before the ascent of Arthur’s Seat begins.
Dean Village
This is an area of paradise just outside of Edinburgh’s city centre and can be reached in just 30 minutes walk from Princes Street. The walk takes you across the River Leith, across tiny bridges, alongside traditional houses and narrow lanes to help create beautiful scenery. The only sound you will hear is from the water in the streams. It is a beautiful way to spend a few hours just outside the city.