Shrek's Adventure Tickets

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Opening hours

This attraction is open Monday to Friday from 10am until 4pm.

On Saturday’s it is open from 10am until 6pm and on Sunday’s from 10am until 5pm.

There is nothing mentioned on the website about the time of last entry or in reference to any days the attraction is closed.

How to get there

Walking and Underground- Shrek’s Adventure is located just a few minutes walking distance of several stations on the London Underground. Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross and Westminster are closest with Waterloo just a five minute walk away.

Train- Waterloo or Charing Cross are the nearest over-ground railway stations.

Bus- route numbers 211, 77 and 381 all stop close to the attraction.

Taxi- central London can be very congested so taking a taxi is not the best option. When leaving there is a taxi rank located close to the London Eye.


Do you see Shrek during the tour?
Yes, a huge figure of Shrek is in the play area at the end of the tour. The official view is to queue and pay for pictures, however, there are opportunities to take pictures using your own camera/phone.
Is it a scary experience for younger children?
Some areas of the attraction are very dark and the recommendation is to not take any children aged 3 or younger into this attraction. There are reports of younger children being very scared whilst visiting here.
Can you take pictures during the tour?
Officially you can only take pictures at the end of the tour. In reality, people are taking pictures throughout the tour and nothing is done to stop this.
Does the bus ride have safety bars or straps to keep children in place?
The bus ride is actually a stationary ride, there is a 4D movie projected on screens that move around the audience. It is very safe and smaller children can sit on the lap of their parents to get a better view.
Are there many adults that go to this attraction or is it only really suitable for families with children?
Visitors of any age are welcome. There are lots of adult visitors to this attraction without children.
I am using a Merlin Pass. Should I book in advance or just turn up?
You can just arrive then you will be allowed in. You may however have a long wait if there is a long queue of people waiting to visit the attraction.
How long should I expect a visit to last?
The tour takes around 90 minutes, although when the attraction is very busy a visit can take longer with queues of people between each section of the attraction. It does get very busy, particularly at weekends and during school holidays.
Do you have to pre-book or can you pay on the door?
Both options are available to you with tickets costing from £21 online or £30 on the door. If you pre-book you are given a time slot and need to arrive a little before that time to enter. When paying on the door you will have to queue at the entrance and wait until there is a space available. Booking in advance is cheaper and there are several discounted deals available online. You can check availability at

Must Know

The best time to visit
The best time of day to visit is in the morning as soon as the attraction opens. It gets very busy soon after and continues for most of the day. Another option is to go later in the afternoon when hopefully the majority of the crowds have passed through the entrance making for a less crowded experience.
Storage of bags etc during your visit
You cannot take large bags with you into the attraction itself, however there is a storage area where you can leave your belongings then collect them at the end of your visit.
Disabled Access and pushchairs
Shrek’s Adventure is built to be wheelchair friendly although there are a few narrow sections when care is needed to navigate your way through. Parents with small children are asked to leave pushchairs outside in the storage area as too many pushchairs can create a hazard to easy access in such a crowded area.
Security Checks
Prior to being allowed to enter Shrek’s Adventure, all visitors will have to go through the security check area. Prohibited items are listed and include any sharp objects or items considered a security risk such as knives, scissors and toy or replica guns.
A visit includes
Your journey begins on the flying bus and takes you through 12 themed zones until you arrive in Far Far Away. You will also visit other Dream Works favourites such as Cinderella, Puss in Boots and attempt to rescue Pinocchio from the wheel of torture. The Muffin Man will invite you to cook a magic spell and throughout the tour you should collect the clues to find Shrek and make it safely to the end of the journey. Throughout the tour you are accompanied by actors that engage in captivating storytelling, special effects and animation sequences to encourage you to feel the adventure.
After the tour ends
Once you have reached Far Far Away the fun continues into the zones of Madagascar and on into the Valley of Peace. Here there are plenty of opportunities for taking photos or joining in some interactive games specially designed for children of all ages.

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