Siena Duomo Tickets

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Opening hours

1 March - 1 November: 10.30am - 7pm weekdays, 1.30pm - 6pm on Sundays.

2 November - 28 February: 10am - 5.30pm weekdays, 1.30pm - 5.30pm on Sundays.

26th December - 8 January: 10.30am - 6pm weekdays, 1.30pm - 5.30pm on Sundays.

Last admission 30 minutes before close.

How to get there

Piazza del Duomo, 8, 53100 Siena SI, Italy

Siena Duomo is in the medieval heart of the city, where parking is extremely limited. If arriving by car, park in one of the public car parks and walk to the cathedral. Alternatively, take the 590 or S54 bus to Piazza di Postierla. The railway station is 2km from the cathedral, on the north side of the town.


The best way to guarantee entry into the cathedral is by booking your tickets in advance on the website which is available in Italian only. There are a variety of combination tickets on offer such as the Opa Si pass which allows entry into all of the museums on the complex over three days. Children aged 7 to 11 get in at half price, and those under the age of 6 get in free.
What is there to see?
The main attractions of Siena Duomo are inside the Gothic building. The striped interior, made by layering up white and dark green marble, is impressive and striking. Look down – under your feet you
Can I take a guided tour?
There is a wide range of different tours available in the Cathedral complex. If you prefer to do things at your own pace, download the app to guide you through the history of the building and some of its most important art, or pick up an audio guide on arrival. Private guides are also available for booking, or purchasing an all-inclusive ticket for all museums in the complex also gives you access to the cathedral roof in small groups for some impressive views across the Siena rooftops.
Is the crypt accessible?
If you book a place on the Paths of Light tour, this gives the opportunity to get down into the tunnels below the cathedral. Medieval frescoes adorn the walls of the crypt, and your audio headset and 3D video mapping will help bring medieval Siena to life. It
What other facilities are there on site?
The cathedral has a small bookshop, selling books mostly in Italian and on religious themes. This is also where you can pick up the leaflets explaining the stories behind the inlaid floor panels, or the guidebooks to the cathedral in various languages, including English.


Piccolomini Library
One of the most visited areas in the cathedral is the Piccolomini Library, which was commissioned by Pope Pius II in 1492. It now contains several medieval illuminated manuscripts, but the reason most people visit the Library is to see the frescoes and painted ceiling. Look up, and you
Attending a service
Although one of Siena
Gate of Heaven
The cathedral has recently opened up roof areas to the general public, allowing visitors to see both the interiors and exterior of the building from a different perspective. Look down on the nave from ceiling level, then ascend the spiral staircase further up into the tower for panoramic views across Siena and beyond. This is one of the cathedral
Cathedral Museum
The Cathedral
The beautifully decorated baptistry is dominated by the hexagonal font, embellished by art showing the life of John the Baptist. The walls and ceilings of the Baptistry show other religious scenes painted by Vecchietta.

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