Statue of Liberty Tickets

The iconic Statue of Liberty stands in New York harbour as a symbol of freedom. It's one of America's most recognised sights and although it can be viewed from the water, it is also possible to climb right up into the famous monument on a visit to Liberty Island.

Opening hours

First ferry from mainland 8.30am every day

1 Jan to 26 May - last ferry returns 3.30pm

27 May to 4 September - last ferry 5pm

5 September to 9 October - last ferry 4pm

10 October to 31 December - last ferry 3.30pm

Christmas Eve - last ferry 1.30pm

Closed Christmas Day

How to get there

New York, NY 10004, USA

The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island, situated off the southwest tip of Manhattan. Driving to the park is not possible. Ferries to Liberty Island leave from Battery Park. The nearest subway stations to the ferry terminal are at Bowling Green, Whitehall Street and South Ferry Station. Alternatively, the M5, M15 and M20 buses stop right outside the ferry terminal.


What's the history of the Statue of Liberty?
Perhaps the most famous symbol of American freedom, the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the American people from France in 1886. It was built by Gustave Eiffel, who was also responsible for the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and was designated a National Monument in 1924. The total height of the statue is just over 305 ft, and the outer shell of the statue is made from copper. The Statue of Liberty was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1984.
Can I climb up inside the statue?
There are stairs up the centre of the Statue of Liberty, ending in a viewing gallery in the statue's crown. This is an extremely popular visitor attraction and reserving your slot to climb the statue in advance is essential. It's a strenuous climb with 377 steps up from ground level to the crown platform and there is no lift. Visitors used to be able to climb right up into the torch but this has not been possible for over 100 years.
What else is there to do on Liberty Island?
Liberty Island is small and paths run right round the edge of the island. A popular activity is walking the perimeter of the island, with great views over Manhattan and New Jersey. In addition to the gardens and the statue, Liberty Island also has a museum store and cafe. Ferries run regularly to both Manhattan and New Jersey, with timetables varying by season.
Are there guided tours?
There are no guided tours to the Statue of Liberty itself, so one of the best ways of seeing the island is by downloading the Liberty Island app onto your smartphone. You also have the option to pick up a family-friendly audio guide on the ferry before landing. This covers both Liberty Island and neighbouring Ellis Island and gives information about the places and features of this historic site. WiFi is available across the island for visitors.


Ellis Island
Most visitors who take the trip out to Liberty Island will also visit neighbouring Ellis Island. This small island is where millions of people first set foot in the United States on their way to a new life in the New World. Ellis Island now houses an immigration museum telling the stories of the people who passed through the island and also offers great views over the Statue of Liberty.
Park Ranger Guides
If you are not able to get a ticket to get up into the crown viewing platform or don't want to make the climb, try to take in one of the free island tours led by park rangers or volunteers. These take around 40 minutes and will cover the history of the island and the Statue of Liberty itself along with giving you the chance to ask plenty of questions to a real expert in the history of the Liberty Island National Park.
Don't miss the museum which is located in the pedestal at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. See how the statue was constructed and see the scale models used in the planning process. It is a good idea to visit the museum before climbing the statue to gain a deeper understanding of the Statue as a whole. Construction is underway on a huge new museum on Liberty Island, due to open in 2019.

Places nearby

Liberty State Park
Liberty State Park is the departure point for trips out to Ellis Island and Liberty Island from New Jersey but the park is worth exploring in its own right. As well as the great views over the Hudson River to lower Manhattan, there is plenty of space for children to play or for a family picnic. Overlooking Manhattan you can also visit New Jersey's 9/11 memorial, a huge structure mirroring the position of the Twin Towers.
Liberty State Park
Liberty State Park
Skyscraper Museum
The Skyscraper Museum is in Battery Park, at the southern tip of Manhattan. The museum uses a range of multimedia to trace the history of tall buildings and shines a spotlight on some of the world's tallest buildings. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions about architecture or the built environment and has a gift shop on site.
World Trade Center
The World Trade Center has been completely rebuilt since the devastating attacks of September 2001. Most visitors to New York see the memorial to the people who were killed in the attacks but it's also worth exploring the new World Trade Center buildings too. The ground floor levels of the new World Trade Center offer a huge retail area which is perfect for picking up souvenirs of your visit. The 9/11 memorial museum covers the events of the day itself and its aftermath but, due to some of the content, might not be suitable for younger children.
World Trade Center
World Trade Center. Eileen_10 /