Széchenyi Baths Tickets

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Opening hours

Open every day apart from national holidays, although the baths are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

6:00am-10:00pm, including indoor and outdoor pools

The help desk is open until 6:00pm, so you’ll need to arrive before then to validate your reservations. The restaurant is open until 7:00pm. Entry with a locker is 5,200 HUF on weekdays (around £14.50), and 5,400 HUF on weekends (around £15.00).

How to get there

Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11, 1146 Hungary

It’s easy to get to the Szechenyi Baths, which are located at City Park at the heart of Pest. Trolleybus 72 and metro M1 (Millennium train) both stop here: get off at the Szechenyi furdo stop. Alternatively, it’s a 15-minute drive from the Chain Bridge, heading up Andrassy ut.


What makes the Szechenyi Baths special?
Not only are these the largest thermal pools in Europe, the composition of the waters is traditionally said to aid in the healing of various medical issues. Those with aching joints and other related issues have noted the positive effects. The relaxing nature of the warm pools and various spa treatments is undeniable, with a range of baths with varying temperatures to suit your preferences. For example, the indoor pools range from 28°C to 40°C
What are the complementary treatments?
As well as the famous thermal baths, there’s a leisure pool for regular swimming, with a Jacuzzi for unwinding after your exercise. Saunas and steam chambers are popular for their skin-healing properties and simply relaxing after a cold dip. You can also book a massage, with various packages ranging from aromatherapy to couples’ massages. Traditional Hungarian herbal and mud treatments are also well worth checking out while in Budapest.
Are there specialised medical services on site?
Yes, and Szechenyi has an excellent reputation for its skilled staff and huge range of treatments. With a prescription, you can get yourself booked in for a medical massage, balneotherapy (bathing in mineral waters), and much more. Anyone can take advantage of the gym, aqua fitness and beauty products available on site, too.
Are the Szechenyi Baths suitable for children?
There are training and preparatory pools with warm temperatures that are a fantastic introduction to swimming for young children. These are suitable for kids over three who are potty trained. Otherwise, the general pools are generally better for over 14s, particularly the baths that have whirlpools. So, for a general tour of all the different pools on offer, it may be better to visit with older children. Specialised aqua therapies have been cited as excellent for pregnant women, so enquire about those if you’re interested. Note that Jacuzzis are unsuitable for pregnant visitors.


How to book your day at the Szechenyi Baths
It’s a good idea to book online to avoid queuing and ensure availability for your chosen day. There are quite a few options when it comes to ticketing, with the most basic entrance providing a locker to put your clothes and small bags in. Other options include upgrading to a private cabin for discreet changing, and you can also think about which treatments you might like to book beforehand too. The simplest include pedicures and short aroma massages, with Matra mountain herb and Kolop mud traditional treatments being among the higher-end options.
What to take with you when you visit
It’s handy to bring along your swimsuit, a towel and anti-skid flip flops as a minimum. These are all available to buy or rent, but you’ll save money if you bring these essentials with you. You can also buy swimming caps, bathrobes and sheets for placing your things on while changing. It’s not advised to bring any unnecessary valuables, but you can rent a safe if there’s anything precious you can’t avoid bringing along. A sun hat and sun cream are good ideas if you’re spending any time outside.
Stopping by for a tour
There’s a very economical ticket available if you’d simply like to tour the Szechenyi Baths without actually taking a dip. The tours take place at 10am, 12:30pm and 3pm every day, and are available in Hungarian or English. It costs just 2,000 HUF (approximately £5.50). As one of the most famous sites in Budapest, it’s well worth seeing even if swimming, thermal baths and spa treatments really aren’t your thing.


City Park
City Park

City Park. velirina /

Hungarian Parliament Building
Located in a prime position facing the River Danube and just a 10-minute taxi ride from Szechenyi is the striking Parliament building. Its distinct dome and Gothic Revival façade are gorgeous to admire from the outside. The interior is stunning and opulent, and you can tour the historic Old Upper House Hall and many other chambers here.
Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building

House of Terror
A 25-minute walk straight down Andrassy ut from City Park will bring you to one of Budapest’s most interesting museums, the House of Terror. Showcasing the Hungarian experience under fascist and Communist rule, it’s very informative and often shocking. You’ll see cars and tanks, reconstructions of Soviet command centres and many examples of propaganda material too.
House of Terror

House of Terror. badahos /

Buda Castle
Across the river in Buda, this is well worth stopping at for both its superb museum and striking panoramic views across the whole city from atop the hill. Heavily bombed in World War II, it was then restored and today houses the Budapest History Museum. You’ll see many beautiful works of art from across the expanse of Hungary’s history, as well as exhibits on the city in the Middle Ages and much more.
Buda Castle

Buda Castle