The Shard Tickets

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Opening hours

From April 1st until October 31st it is open daily from 10am until 10pm with the last entry at 9.30pm.

From November 1st until March 31st the opening hours are 10am until 7pm (last entry at 5.30pm) from Sunday until Wednesday. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are as above.

Tickets cost £24.95 for adults and £19.95 for children. The View from The Shard is closed on December 25th and on occasions when it is booked for private events.

How to get there

Rail and Underground Services- London Bridge Station is the easiest way to get to The Shard. It is a two minute walk and clearly signposted. The Underground is served by the Northern and Jubilee lines.

Walking- The Shard is a five minute walk from Blackfriars, 15 minutes from the city and 30 minutes from Waterloo when using the route along the South Bank of the Thames.

Bus- London Bridge Bus Station is just outside the entrance to The Shard. There are several routes to and from most areas of Greater London.


Is there a dress code for visitors to The Shard?
If you are visiting the View from The Shard, the general rule is that there is no dress code. However, if your visit includes one of the towers restaurants they have rulings on trainers, flip flops or sportswear including shorts that are strictly adhered to.
On what floor is the observation deck?
The View from The Shard takes up the 68th to the 72nd floors. The main observation deck is on the 69th floor and the open air viewing platform on the 72nd floor giving you 360 degree views across London.
There are four entrances to The Shard, which one should I use?
If you are going to the viewing gallery you should use the V entrance on the lower ground floor. For the restaurants use entrance R, and entrance H for the hotel, both on the lower ground floor. The entrance marked O on the upper ground floor is to Shard’s main offices.
How fast are the lifts?
The building has 36 lifts in total, some of which are double-decker lifts. Each lift can ascend or descend at up to 6 metres per second making for smooth but fast travel.
The building is also known as The Shard of Glass, how much glass was used in the buildings exterior?
There are 11,000 glass panels that cover the exterior of the building. These glass panels cover an area equivalent to that of eight football pitches or two and a half times the area of Trafalgar Square.
What else is the building used for?
The floors above the viewing platform are empty spaces as they are not designed for use. Below the viewing gallery, floors 53 to 65 are private apartments. From the 34th floor up to floor 52 is taken up by the Shangri-la Hotel, with the towers restaurants taking up floors 31, 32 and 33. Floors 2 up to 28 are office spaces used by various companies and below this are the entrances and office/ reception areas of The Shard.

Must know

How high is the viewing platform?
The viewing platform on the 69th floor is at a height of 244.3 m (802 feet).
What discounts are available?
When buying your tickets in advance online you get purchase them with a small discount off the full price of £24.95. Disabled people can buy their tickets at the price of £18.95 if booked in advance through the telephone hotline, not online. Children’s tickets apply to those aged from 4 to 15 and must be accompanied by an adult. Infants aged from 0-3 can enter free without a ticket.
Where is the best place to view The Shard?
The best place to view The Shard is from across the River Thames close to the Tower of London.
When is the best time to visit the viewing platform?
It can be busy all day, particularly during the summer. The summer does give you best chance of good and clear weather. A popular time is close to sunset, that way you can see the different panoramas between daytime and darkness.
Where can you buy The Shard related gifts?
On the ground floor just inside the entrance to the viewing gallery there is a gift shop that sells a range of Shard related products. The prices charged at the gift shop are at premium rates and you might find better deals by buying those products online through the official website.
Is there adequate accessibility for disabled people?
The viewing platform as are all areas of The Shard is fully accessible to disabled people. There are easily accessible walkways and lifts to make access to The Shard an enjoyable experience for all its visitors.
Can I get a refund if I arrive with a prepaid ticket and the weather is not clear?
Depending upon the weather conditions you may be offered the option to return later the same day when the weather has improved. It is very unlikely that you will receive a refund or replacement ticket for another day. The only time this is likely to happen is when there is zero visibility at the top of The Shard. Zero visibility is determined by no other buildings being visible.

Nearby attractions

Hay’s Galleria
Just a five minute walk from The Shard, Hay’s Galleria was once a shipping dock for the Port of London. In the 1980s it was redeveloped into an indoor market, shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. The riverside pubs are an ideal place to relax with views across the Thames to the Tower of London.
Tower Bridge
This is possibly the world’s most famous bridge and one of London’s most defining landmarks. For £9 you can explore the walkways 45m high, visit the engine rooms that date from the era of Queen Victoria and learn about the history of the Tower Bridge.
The London Bridge and Tombs Experience
This is said to be one of the UK’s scariest attractions. You are taken on a journey through 2000 years of London’s history through murders, warfare and death. The scenes are re-enacted before your eyes and this educational experience is designed to scare its visitors. You then have a chance to visit the tombs, an underground burial place with some more horrors to shock you.
Borough Market
One of the oldest markets in London, the Borough Market is full of British and international produce. Here you can anything from locally produced to the most exotic foods not always available elsewhere. It has a unique atmosphere, full of alluring smells and is located just a few minute’s walk from The Shard. The above attractions are all located within half a mile of The Shard. Other attractions within that distance include More London, HMS Belfast, the Tower of London and the Gherkin.