Warwick Castle Tickets

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Opening hours

Warwick Castle opens daily at 10am with staggered closing times ranging from 4pm until 9pm. For a detailed listing of the closing times go to https://www.warwick-castle.com/plan/warwick-opening-times.aspx

The castle complex is closed on the 25th of December.

There is no mention of last entry times into this attraction.

How to get there

Car- the castle is less than 2 miles from junction 15 of the M40 with directions from that point. Parking is available at Stratford Road Car Park (£6.00 charge for all day parking), it is a 5-10 minute walk from the entrance.

Coach- National Express have direct services from London, three times a week from April until November.

Train- Warwick Railway Station is just 1 mile from the Castle.


How much does it cost to visit Warwick Castle?
Tickets cost from £19 per person when bought online, tickets bought at the ticket office cost from £28 per person. The prices charged are for anyone aged 3 or over. There is no difference in prices for adults or children. These prices are for entry to the castle only.
How much does it cost to visit other attractions within the castle?
Tickets to the Dungeon cost £24 when bought online or £33 from the ticket office. Short breaks give you 2 consecutive days entry into the castle and cost from £43 per person. You can stay in woodland lodges or luxury camping in tents, the price includes free parking and breakfast.
How much is an annual pass?
An annual pass to the castle costs from £35 online and gives you 12 months access to the castle and its grounds.
How accessible is the castle and grounds for wheelchair users?
To provide you with the best options for accessibility around the castle you are advised to download a copy of the accessibility leaflet and guide, this aid will assist you in navigating your way around during your visit. You can also pick up a copy on your arrival. https://www.warwick-castle.com/plan/accessibility-guide-for-warwick-castle.aspx The castle having stood since the medieval period has several steps, narrow passageways and low doorways making negotiating these areas a challenge for visitors with a reduction in their mobility.
What about the shows, are they easily accessible?
All the shows that take place at Warwick Castle are conducted out of doors with good access for any visitors with reduced mobility. You are advised to arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time to secure a good viewing point.
Is the Castle Dungeon wheelchair accessible?
The final four rooms of the attraction are fully accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. This attraction is also available free of charge to wheelchair users and one carer. You should consult with a member of the team at the entrance to the Castle Dungeon for access to this attraction. Visitors to the Castle Dungeon should be aware that it is dark with spiral steps and may be unsuitable for some visitors with reduced mobility or medical conditions.

Must Know

Steps to be navigated
At the entrance to the attractions of the Great Hall, the State Rooms, the Chapel and Warwick’s Royal Weekend Party there are 10 steps to be ascended. For any visitors that require this service there is a booklet written in Braille containing information about the Great Hall and the State Rooms. A member of the history team located at the entrance to these attractions can offer more information or assistance should it be required.
Tips for the use of pushchairs
The main pathways within the castle grounds are suitable for all weather conditions. Visitors with pushchairs should use the central courtyard to avoid the uneven surface that includes the original cobble stones. The main pathway to River Island is very steep and difficult for pushchairs; a better alternative is by way of the rear of the Mound. In areas not suited to pushchairs, visitors can leave them at the entrances to these attractions or in the designated pushchair parking facilities.
Virtual Tour
At the Main Castle building there is a facility for taking part in a virtual tour. Although it is designed to assist those visitors in wheelchairs, the virtual tour is there for the use of anybody that is unable to navigate the narrow dark passageways or steep spiral staircases.
A typical days entertainment at Warwick Castle
There are several attractions that operate continuously throughout the day while the shows usually occur on just two occasions each day. The Castle Dungeon begins at 10am, if you are brave enough to enter this attraction you will witness some of the darkest, bloodiest and most frightening scenes that portray the castle’s history. Live actors and special effects add extra drama to the tales you will encounter.
Bowman Show
The Bowman Show is presented by the castle’s resident bowman twice a day. Visitors can watch the agility and power of a bow in action as the equipment and techniques are explained.
The Mighty Trebuchet
At the riverside arena you can witness a display and talk through of this medieval siege weapon. There are shows conducted in the morning and afternoon.
The Falconer’s Quest
This show, featuring the biggest birds of prey in the UK is a new addition for 2019. The skies above the riverside viewing area are full of birds as they fly free to conduct a display of aerial acrobatics. This show may be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions when a demonstration of these birds of prey in offered as an alternative.

Places Nearby

Warwick Old Town
Much of the Old Town of Warwick has stood since the 17th and 18th centuries with the Court House and its Georgian Ballroom being a major attraction. Other notable buildings include Landor House, Shire Hall complete with an octagonal tower lantern and the West Gate located in the old town walls. St. James’ Chapel is even older having stood since 1383.
Saturday Market
The busy Saturday Market is a tradition that has continued for more than 500 years. It is a great way to sample locally produced treats within the historic city centre. Nearby are Swan and Smith Streets. Here you can explore the boutique shops especially during the festive time when a folk festival adds to the occasion of a Victorian Christmas Evening.
Warwickshire Museum
The Market Hall, built in 1670 contains the museum’s historical collections covering social history, archaeology, geology and natural history. In the Jacobean home of St. John’s House there are reconstructions of a Victorian kitchen and classroom, a reminder that it was once a schoolhouse. Another section of the building houses the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum with displays focusing on the regimental history, weapons and artifacts of this famous regiment.
Royal Leamington Spa
This famous spa town is located just two miles from Warwick and is famed for its medicinal springs and wonderful gardens. Other attractions here include walking along the tree lined avenues full of Georgian and Victorian architecture.